What is VITO doing?

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Used daily, VITO oil filter system removes food particles and carbon from your frying oil, shortening or any other frying medium. Frying in clean, filtered oil will result in a better tasting and better-looking fried product. Oil life increases and workload decreases due to less oil changes and fryer cleanings. You will save up to 50% of your spending on oil, labor, storage space and delivery costs with VITO! Clean oil in 4.5 minutes, suitable for every kind of deep fryer and easy & safe handling is what you get with VITO: Place the oil filter in the fryer at service temperature, push the power button and you‘re done! Combined with the VITO oil tester, which quickly measures the quality and temperature of the oil, the VITO product line guarantees the optimal frying oil management. Businesses not only reduce cost but actively minimize their carbon footprint by cutting down on natural resources, waste and emissions caused during oil production, transport and disposal.

The VITO product line became a standard in over 40.000 commercial kitchens because of the indispensable customer benefits and a constant quality assurance of the frying oil.

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