Save up to 50% of your frying oil

...with the VITO oil filter system

What our customers say

...We are very happy with the filtration performance of the VITO oil filter system that we use twice per day - small unit, easy and safe to work with...

Burger King - Burgers of Columbia Pike Inc.: Vice President, Mr. Walter Chuda

All Pollo Campero stores in the US are using the VITO oiltester. It is the safest and easiest way to check your cooking oil quality. There is no guessing anymore. The traffic light system is great! We can make sure that every restaurant hast the same standard.

Pollo Campero -Director of QA Fernando Palarea

We use VITO in all our locations and are very satisfied with their performances. It makes the job of cleaning the oil simple and save. Furthermore we save good money in oil and can be sure our products are the quality we want them to be!

Corporate Executive Chef Matt Moyer, The Great Dane Pub

 We've been using VITO for the last 5 years now and will continue using it for a long time. The convenience for users and operators as well as the savings are just spectacular.

Executive Chef Sandro O'Brito, Hilton Garden Inn Chicago O'Hare

We are satisfied with our VITOs. I use the systems ins several locations and I have to say they are very recommendable!

Franchisee Mark York, Denny's

With the VITO we save 50% of our frying oil! Furthermore we really feel we are getting a quality product out of our oil by filtering it with the VITO. And last but not least we don't have to mess around with hoses or cleaning a big filter machine each day.

Owner, Paul Ivancich, Dairy Queen

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