VITO VL was awarded the IAAPA Brass Ring Award

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This November, the VITO VL oil filter system was awarded the IAAPA Brass Ring Award for being one of the best new products of the year. The ceremony took place in Orlando, Florida, where the IAAPA trade fair is held annually. VITO Fryfilter, Inc., the US subsidiary of VITO AG in Germany, participates every year to showcase its latest products. The award highlights the innovation of the modern frying oil filter, which has entered the kitchen equipment market at the end of 2021.

Debuted during IAAPA’s trade show in Orlando in 1986, the Brass Ring Awards continue to celebrate the industry’s most creative innovators each year during the Expo. “ award recognizing your innovation is an honor. We feel honored and motivated to steadily grow our knowledge and improve our products according to the needs of our customers!‘‘ Sascha Geib, COO of VITO Fryfilter.

VITO VL helps to save up to 50% of frying oil, ensure optimal quality, and reduce workload. The VITO VL frying oil filter does not require any chemical additives to clean the oil, which ensures the optimal taste of the fried food and removes the burnt particles from the oil. The system is easy to use and provides a hygienic filtration in the kitchen.
The machine does not require any regular maintenance. To put it all in a nutshell: Using VITO filters regularly reduces your oil consumption tremendously while improving the quality of your frying oil. Furthermore, you reduce the workload around the fryer thanks to less oil changes.

Using VITOconnect, a software to monitor the usage of the VITO VL, the device can be connected to the local Wi-Fi network. The software enables seamless cost control, logging, and analysis and thus secures the investment of the VITO and guarantees compliance with the SOPs. The VITO team plans to remodel its existing frying oil filter model VITO 50, and make it compatible with VITOConnect. It was planned after observing VITO VL and VITOConnect caught the attention of many customers.
One innovation led to another. VITO is ready to improve their existing models to make them more modern and provide the best possible customer experience and usability for their customers.

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