VITO – An oil filter system brand that fits all deep fryers

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Today, frying is a typical method of food preparation and is not only found in your local tavern or fast food joint but bakeries, food productions, food trucks and even at the small food stand around the corner not even having a full kitchen.

Being a manufacturer focusing entirely on the best possible filtration, VITO Fryfilter set their goal to offer the best solution to any business working with fryers.

With their portable systems VITO 50 and VITO 80 they offer a fast, efficient and safe filtration for countertop, regular floor model fryers, cooking centers and pressure fryers.

The small footprint VITO 30 gives operators with ventless, small countertop fryers or even woks, the chance to filter their oil and take advantage of the benefits of a microfiltration like for any full-sized fryer.

Not stopping there, VITO Fryfilter also introduced the new VITO X models. Using a one of a kind filtration method, the VITO X models offer the safest microfiltration and oil extraction possible. With tank volumes from 73 lbs to 219 lbs it is capable of easily handling large operations like bakeries, canteens and food productions.

All VITO oil filter systems have the same ability of an extremely fine microfiltration focusing on dissolved particles doing the most damage to the oil. This microfiltration has proven to achieve oil cost reduction up to 50% and have a huge positive impact on the quality and taste of the prepared food.

Not only savings and quality enhancement are reason for the huge success and growing customer base of VITO but the portable systems are the only filtration system that filters the oil directly in the fryers in less than 5 minutes. Removing this dangerous part of filtration is a huge step for operators to increase the safety for their employees.

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