The right care for your deep fryer

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Proper care of your deep fryer will not only prolong the life of the fryer itself, but will also influence the quality of your frying oil. 

Therefore, we put together some tips for the 
ideal cleaning of your deep fryer:

- Skim away floating particles in the oil to minimize a burnt in crust

- At the end of each working day, the outside of the deep fryer should be wiped down 

- Clean fryer baskets, sediment trays and/or fryer racks every day. Make sure all fryer accessories are completely dry before putting them back into the oil.

- Remove larger sediment stuck in draining pipes and clean sieve after draining your fryers

- We recommend to boil out and scrub your deep fryers every two to four weeks. Don't forget to emerge all stainless steel fryer accessories into the boil out solution!

- Deep fryers should be subjected to an annual professional inspection. It is important to regularly check all fittings and temperature controls and repair/replace as necessary.

Apart from the general tips already mentioned, you can find further cleaning instructions in the manual of your deep fryer.

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