Precise and science backed oil quality measurement methods are taking over

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For decades, any commercial kitchen using deep fryers needed some method to determine the current quality of their frying oil to make sure oil is not used too long nor changed too early.
Since actual measurements have not been available, too expensive or could not be done fast enough, chefs tried to determine their oil quality by looking at the color of their oil or sink a frying basket and decide based on the visibility whether it is time to discard or not.

These methods are still widely used and even taught to the next generation. Unfortunately, these methods were at least something that was available back in the time, but never gave a real result about the actual quality of the oil. By now we know that for example that the dark color of used oil mostly comes from a caramelization process and can vary greatly depending on the product introduced into the oil.

Today, digital testing devices are available and more than affordable. Testers like the VITO oiltester and VITO FT440 measure the polarity of the oil which is directly related to chemical quality. These testers are extremely accurate and remove any guess work around the fryer.
It was also important to not only offer affordable measurement devices but keep the operation extremely easy so anyone in the kitchen can receive reliable readings. Results are not only shown on the display translated into TPM (Total Polar Material) but the added signal lights flash in green, yellow or red making it easy to understand.
Due to the growing awareness and affordability the testers can be found more and more in restaurants and not only large fast food chains around the globe. We can be sure that using actual measurements devices will become a standard and eliminate the old methods rather sooner than later.

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