Influences on frying oil

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Oil is a food item therefor it has a certain lifespan which can be tremendously shortened by influences from the environment and operational procedures. But what are the influences on frying oil and how to minimize their side effects?
There are 6 major influences when it comes to your frying oil:

1. Water
2. Dust
3. Light
4. Oxygen
5. Temperature
6. Food Particles

What can you do to prevent an early break down of the oil caused by those six components? Let us give you some useful tips and tricks:

Water: Your serve frozen products or fried fresh vegetables and potato products? Make sure not to throw the excess ice from the freezer bag / container into the basket or directly into the deep fryer. Dab remaining water from the fresh produce using a clean towel 

Dust, Light & Oxygen: Those influences can hardly be avoided since they are everywhere in our environment. But to minimize those three factors simply cover your fryers once they are not in use and turned off.

However, our two main influences harming the oil the most and therefore are a critical point in oil maintenance are the Temperature and the Food Particles.

Temperature: Keep your frying oil temperature always around 350°F – higher temperatures will burn the oil and exponentially decrease the lifetime of your frying oil. Daily temperature checks should be a mandate so make sure the thermostat is thoroughly cleaned and your frying temperature matches your
set temperature. Use an external thermometer to double check the temperature, don’t rely on the fryer setting.

Food Particles: Make sure to filter your frying oil after every service to get rid of unwanted crumbs and microparticles in your frying oil. Those tiny micro particles will burn throughout the day in your fryer and
make the oil break down rapidly. They also have a negative impact on the looks and taste of your fried product.

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