Frying oil management – Going green with benefits

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Working more sustainable and green-minded becomes a more and more important part in the
HORECA industry. Running a restaurant “the green way” sends a great message to existing and
potential customers and certainly provides peace of mind for owners and operators doing
something good for our planet. Unfortunately walking the eco-minded path often comes with
increased operation costs. Luckily that’s not the case if it comes to frying oil management. Done
right your business is not only more sustainable but more profitable offering products with increased quality. With the right handling and maintenance of frying oil its lifetime can be increased, which automatically leads to a positive impact on the environment! Less oil usage leads
to fewer oil orders, leading to less delivery and disposal trips leading to lower gasoline consumption and decreased CO2 output. The less oil needed the smaller is the amount of packaging
material thrown away for new oil orders. Lower oil consumption also decreases the needed agricultural space. Fact is that every restaurant cutting their oil usage in half can easily conserve
around one football field worth of plants per year. Lowering the oil usage isn’t too difficult. Optimized operations, right frying temperatures and a good filtration system will do the trick. It is
proven that a high-efficient filtration system can save up to 50% oil costs and slows down the
formation of acids and acrylamide in the prepared food. With the right oil filtration, the food
quality is tremendously increased, and customers can taste the difference. Satisfied and well-fed customers are the result. It shows that by managing the oil with the right procedures and
the right filtration system, operators will have a positive impact on the environment and increase customer satisfaction, quality and profits! We only have one earth and it is our responsibility to do our best to promote a healthy environment for our future generations.

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