The original VITO folded paper filter – a class of its own

For over 15 years VITO stands for quality and big savings of up to 50% with its cooking oil filtration devices. The unmatched filtration derives from a combination of the VITO machine and its folded paper filters. These high quality padded filter papers fulfill the highest standards for the food industry and also feature the finest filtration available – up to 5µm.

But also sustainability and protection of the environment are always important topic for the VITO product line – especially for its filter papers. These are fully biodegradable. With the use of the VITO paper filters, you will not only ensure the quality of fried food but also you will reduce your cooking oil or fat consumption which results in less waste. So the VITO paper filters are a WIN-WIN situation for you and our planet.

Your benefits:

  • Suits for VITO oil filter system 30, 50 & 80
  • High performance replacement folded paper filter
  • 100% cellulose filter – 100% biodegradable
  • Rated to 5 microns – proven quality for over 15 years
  • Available in 2 box sizes – 50 and 100 pieces

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