Supreme fat and oil tester

The VITO oiltester measures the TPM of your cooking oil or fat. The measuring device is a reliable source to determine when you have to change your oil. Due tu the used traffic light function it is easy to read. Green: everthing is ok; Yellow: Caution - your TPM-value is marginal; Red: The TPM value is too high and your frying oil or fat must be changed. The VITO oiltester - top quality HACCP compliant.

Your benefits with the VITO oiltester:

  • Save money and be secure - Change your cooking oil or fat at the right time - not too early, not too late
  • Easy handling - Clear result due to the easy traffic light system
  • Innovative design - No contact with hot cooking oil or fat
  • Simple to clean - the IP 65 standard makes it easy to clean under running water
  • Fast measurement - get a TPM result in under 30 seconds

Ensure a constant quality of your frying oil or fat and save money - these are the big benefits of the VITO oiltester.