Save up to 50% of your frying oil or shortening with VITO frying oil filter systems

VITO oil filter systems – extraordinary frying oil and fat filter – suitable for all gas and electric deep fryers from 18 lbs upwards

Since 2001 VITO oil filter systems are cleaning frying oil and fat. They are known for an easy filtration inside your deep fryer. Just put the VITO oil filter system in the hot frying oil or fat, push the start button and the 5 minutes filtration begins. At the same time you can do other things in the kitchen, because the VITO oil filter system is filtering your oil fully automatic.

Your benefits with the VITO oil filter system

      VITO can double the lifetime of your frying oil or solid shortening

      VITO oil filter system improves the taste and quality of your fried food

      VITO oil filter systems saves costs and working time/labor time

VITO oil filter systems contribute to a clean and healthy environment

Sustainability and environmentalism are big topics for VITO. The filter is made of cellulose and is biodegredable. Since there is less demand on frying oil and cooking fat you contribute to a healthier environment with significantly less waste. VITO is a WIN-WIN situation for every company and for the environment.

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