VITO 50 oil filter system - frying oil filter - cooking oil filter

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1 week 1 week

All benefits at a glance:

Big savings potential:

• less oil consumption
• less personnel costs
• less storage costs
• fast amortization (4-12 months)


• constant quality of fried dishes

Easy handling:

• automatic filtration
• fast filtration
• low cleaning effort


• The VITO® 50 can operate in deep fryers at service temperatures
• Cleans the oil of microparticles, carbonization and suspended sediments up to 5μm
• Filtration power up to 110 lbs per minute
• Suction depth is up to 11.8 in
• Filtration cycle time 4.5 minutes (can be adjusted)
• Filterbox can be disassembled instantly
• Casing and filterbox are made of stainless steel 1.4301, filter made of cellulose
(All used components are food safe)

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